A hairstyle or haircut represents styling of hair usually on the human scalp no matter man or woman it is. so for making our personality better, it’s compulsory that we should have a good or attractive hairstyle which makes us personality and beauty more beautiful.  as we all know there are hairstyles going in trend nowadays but we always get confused because we have different types of hairs some have long some have short some have heavy some have low hair I want to tell you that I don’t get confused my today’s post for you really want to know about hairstyles. Hairstyles


Short haircutsshort hair cuts

as we all know in the summer season  no one wants long hairs because it creates many problems for girls  so many girls now started to prefer shot haircuts  over long  and  girl in short haircuts  look cute and short hair refers to any haircut with a little length  there are many short hairstyles in trend nowadays  like     

  •    short layered bob 
  •     classic short pixie  
  •     layered long pixie hairstyle
  •     side parted blunt bob
  •     angled short bob
  •      A-line bob with an undercut

                        long  bobs with layerslong bob cut with layers

if  you are looking to add more texture or thickness to your thin hair, then you will definitely want  to  consider one of these popular long bobs with layers the long bob (also called a Lob) this we called when our hair length  is below the chin and above the collarbone and is cut look like a bob   there are many types of   long layered bob . like

  • A-line Bobs
  • Cleopatra bob
  • middle part bob
  • sleek bob
  • curly bob
  • wavy bob
  • wet $ wavy bob
  • shaved  bob hairstyle
  • Bang bob hairstyle
  • Blunt Bob
  • Braided Bob
  • Textured Bobs
  • Tilt Bob
  • 1920’s Bob
  • Messy Bob
  • The lob Bob

there are many long layered bob cut but it depends on you which one you prefer for your personality you can choose according to trend or your face cut.