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5 Best Rakhi Outfits for Girls: What to wear on Rakhi 2020?

Hello Girls!! I’m back with yet another exciting blog on 5 Best Rakhi Outfits for Girls: What to wear on Rakhi 2020 ? . Rakshbandhan is the festival of celebrating love, care & Respect with your siblings. Come get along for Rakhi Outfits for Girls.

You’ll must be wondering it’s lockdown and we cannot go out for shopping. Don’t worry I have the solution for the same. I’m going to present you some beautiful ideas to create a new pair of clothes without shopping.

You’ve to go shopping in your wardrobe! Yes, you read it write, here I present you the ideas to mix-match with your existing products and make it a new Rakshabandhan Outfit for girls.

So, Let’s get into it..

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Look 1: The Jacket Look

The first look is all about Jacket.

I have a Cotton Printed Long Jacket, with that I paired a black jegging and a black tee.

The jacket look - Rakhi outfits for girls

Well, wore Black, because black is one of my favorite colour, you can pair it with any colour according to your Jacket.

Also, wear a pair of nice authentic earrings with the outfit. And, I’m not a big fan bracelets, so just got my favourite watch on and all set.

A best Rakhi Outfits for girls for rakhi 2020.

Look 2: Styling with the Gown

The second look is all about experimenting with the Gown or a Maxi Dress.

This is a Pure Silk White Gown with Golden jari all over. Yes, this is my Mom’s gown. Honestly, this is a designer gown and one of my favourite gowns from her collection.

Styling with the gown - Rakhi outfits for girls

Paired it with a cute elastic western belt, which gives it a cool girly look. Wear a pair of traditional earring and all dressed up.

Look 3: The look with a Skirt

The third look is pairing with Skirt.

I have a Satin cute teapot print blue skirt, paired it with the pure cotton white embroidered top. Blue & white is a great pair.

The look with a skirt - rakhi outfits for girls

You can choose your on set of colours as per your availability. I have this skirt stitched from a designer. Also, pair it with a nice traditional gold coated necklace, which just enhances the overall idea of the look.

One of my most favourite amongst the 5 best Rakhi Outfits for girls.

Look 4: The Dhoti Look

The fourth look is all about Dhoti.

I have a blue dhoti and paired it with the short white printed kurti from my mom and just paired it together. You can wear a crop top or a long kurti with dhoti.

The dhoti look - rakhi outfits for girls
Kurti – Global Desi

As well as, pair it with a cute moti necklace and all dressed up. Also, I got this dhoti stitched from my designer.

Look 5: The Casual Look

Last look is all about getting dressed up casually.

There are many girls who prefer just being casual. So, this is the look for those girls.

The casual look - rakhi outfits for girls
Top – Lakshita, Delhi

I have paired a basic black jegging with a cotton traditional printed short kurti. As well as, pair it with a modern western earring which just completes the look perfectly.

I hope you got an idea on What to wear on Rakhi for Rakhi 2020: Rakhi Outfits for Girls. Get ready and share your pictures.

Contact us for any further details.

Thank you! Happy Styling! Happy Rakshabandhan!  

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