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5 Best Summer Dresses for Girls: Do’s & Don’ts for the season

Hey girls! I’m back with another blog. Summer season means to be free, wear some hot and cool clothes. This is the season to wear some quirky, light-weight and floral clothing. Here, I present you some best Summer Dresses for girls with the do’s and don’ts for the season.

This season has a lot of sweating and that irritates you, so we need some fun clothes that doesn’t provide you any kind of inconvenience and are comfortable to wear. Let’s quickly move into the things that you need to take care while choosing the best summer dresses for girls.


Maxi Dresses

Get some Maxi dresses. They are flowy and is ankle length. Loose and one can enjoy wearing while roaming around. They don’t feel heavy on our body and light-weighted. You don’t need to think of pairing it with something, just wear it and you’re ready for the day.

Maxi dresses - summer dresses for girls

Maxi dresses look really elegant when plain but floral, print or stripe are in the great trend and it looks really cute. Also, can be worn by any silhouette.

Palazzo Pants or Suits

Summer season is very irritating and you don’t want to wear anything that sticks to your body. Right? Palazzo dresses is something I prefer in summer. They don’t stick to your body and keeps your body free. Also, Palazzo dresses are in great trend.

Palazzo Pants or Suits - Summer dresses for girls

Kid-young-old everyone loves wearing palazzo’s. You can pair a palazzo with anything you like, a top or a kurti short or long and you can pair it with a shrug also.

Style your Palazzo the way you like!! Here, in the picture I have worn a full Palazzo ready dress. Pair it with some accessories of your choice and you’re good to go.

Oversized t-shirt

Jeans are a no- no for the season. But if I say you to keep your jeans aside and leave, it would not be fair enough. So, you can pair your jeans with the Oversized t-shirt, it will balance your outfit and keep you happy all day long.

Oversized t-shirts - summer dresses for girls
T-shirt – Jack & Jones

You can buy one size big t-shirt to make it oversized. Generally, what I prefer is wearing my brother’s t-shirt as his t-shirts are oversized for me and honestly, his t-shirts make me feel more comfortable than buying one size bigger.

One of my most favourite amongst the Summer dresses for girls.

Wear White or Light Colour

The colours are divided into 2 seasons. Cool and light colours are for Summers, whereas, bright and dark colours are for Winter.

Wear White or Light colour
Watch – Titan

Apparently, white and some pastel and light colours keep you cool in this hot season. So, my suggestion is to wear white or some cool colours. Honestly, white is the colour with which you can pair any colour or even white works in that matter.

Here, I have worn a white traditional kurti and paired it with blue leggings and pair of earrings. You can play around with white colour and accessories as per your choice.


Invest in Linens!

Linens are the soft handmade fabric which keeps you warm and cool. Also, even some good cottons. Linens and cottons are lot lighter than jeans.

Footwear – Mochi

It is not necessary to have a bottom as linen but, you can also have linen top or even kurti for that matter. You can pair them with some soft and light cotton and accessories of your choice.

Linens are my second favourite from the Summer dresses for girls.


With some do’s comes don’ts. So, here are some of the don’ts:

Avoid wearing too much denims. But wearing a light denim jacket can work if you want to pair your clothing with any denims.

A big no to Dark Colours, because they make you feel wearing too much and irritated.

Do not wear any kind of heavy fabric like velvet rather, invest in some good cottons and linens.

Lastly, do not leave your home without applying Sunscreen, because it will harm your skin very badly. Invest in any good Sunscreen of your choice and preferred budget.

Contact for any further knowledge.

Thank You! Happy Shopping! Happy Summers! 

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